Thursday, September 30, 2010

Prepare To Be Fucked By the Long Dick of the Law

Yeah, another humor blog. And yet, not another one. I'll also be posting things that hold nostalgic value to an eighteen your old. If you're thirty, you might have been too old to have a crush on the pink ranger back in season one. Yes, I'll also be posting funny things, but no generic shit; I hate seeing the same lolcats and FFFFFUUUUU comics over and over again. It's boring, right? Right. So let's jump right in.

If you guys came from my other blog and saw some of the posts, you would be somewhat familiar with the ONN (Onion News Network). They seriously have some quality shit over there, from jabs at politics and religious hypocrisy, to jokes about poop. I'll give you a taste (not of poop, of the ONN):

Sony Releases New Stupid Piece Of Shit That Doesn't Fucking Work

Tee hee.

I love Pictures For Sad Children very much, with its darker humor and such. Comics are going to be a regular thing here, so get used to it.

Now you understand time travel

It is a law of boyhood that every little boy must like the Power Rangers. Bad-ass fight scenes, giant fucking megazords, Bulk and Skull shenanigans, the Kimberly HNNNGGGHH factor, what's not to like? I bet my balls you remember this:

Five teenagers with attitude

I loved it, you loved it, we all loved it. Did you guys know that a lot of the footage from that show and the initial idea was taken from the Japanese show Super Sentai?

Unless you already knew

Yeah. Well, there will be a fuckton more to come, so stay tuned.
Running three blogs is hard.